Investment - wilderarts


Family, Senior, Engagement

1-1.5 Hours

40-50 Digital Images



One Photographer

6 Hours Photography

200-500 Edited Digital Images

Access to Professional Printing

Facebook Previews

Gallery on SmugMug

$200 to add Custom 10"x10" Album, Professional Printed

$500 travel fee to the Palmer/Wasilla/Anchorage area


Digital Image Personal Use License

Before selecting Wilder Arts Photography for a session, please understand that there are limitations on how digital images can be used by clients!  The following describes the terms of the personal use license as defined by Wilder Arts. 

Wilder Arts gives restrictive permission to reproduce, display, distribute, and/or use the copyrighted photographic material for personal use only as the following describes. You may use these images to create prints of any size at a printing lab of your choice. Personal electronic distribution such as social networking sites and personal blogs is ONLY allowed when Wilder Arts Photography/Raena Rowland is linked and given credit.

However, you may not distribute, duplicate, and/or use the copyrighted material for advertising and/or commercial use. You may not edit, modify, or create derivative works of the copyrighted material. Also not allowed: entrance into any contest or other venue which may result in financial gain (monetary or otherwise), sale of prints or other materials, display of images in any business related (retail or otherwise) or commercial venue, emailing images, making copies of the provided CD. Copyright ownership remains with the photographer.

For best quality, I recommend using the professional photo lab available at SmugMug.

I hereby grant a non-exclusive license to reproduce these photos for limited personal use only, and I represent that I have a legal right to grant such a license.

Raena Rowland/Wilder Arts Photography